Elsie had her little babies Friday July 13, 2018 She has 10 puppies!! Elsie is a very protective mom and puppies are doing great. We have 3 females and 7 males. All have been adopted

Here are the guy’s at 8 days old!

3 adorable baby girls!

2 weeks old and we have our eyes open!

The girls at 2 weeks!

This sweet little girl I call tea cup but she has a bright green collar too.

This is our fun orange collar girl.

This is yellow collar girl. She’s the darkest of the three.

Black collar is starting the guy’s out.

He’s a dark puppy with a blue collar.

He’s a little guy with a brown collar.

This guy has a green collar.

Gray collar adorable boy puppy.

Tan collar is a handsome boy.

White collar male has a white spot on his chest.


Elsie will have her babies adopted by

Jeff & Jill, Female from CA

Pruett’s, Male from CO

Bland Family, Female from CA

Andi, MaleĀ  from UT

Hardin’s, Male from OK

Janaya, Male from CO

Freeman’s , Female from TX

Nikki, Male from CA

Lydia,Male from CO

Alyan, Male from CA

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