Jesse was our first AKC Golden Retriever. She was everything I could want in a good, loving family dog. She was incredibly smart and even learned sign language. Jesse was calm under any circumstances and loved children. She is no longer with us, but she left us with 2 of her daughters  Elsie, and Rustie. Because they came from Jesse, they have been the best dogs.


Elsie is from my first litter of Goldendoodles.  Elsie is dark red. She is CKC registered and is 21″, and weighs 52 pounds. Elsie is simply a joy. She is very adventurous and loves to go for walks. She absolutely loves people and is the happiest when she is curled up by someone. She smiles through her warm brown eyes. She is a lovely dog and cherished member of our family. Elsie is certified with OFA for hips, elobows, eyes.


Rustie is also from my first litter of Goldendoodles. Rustie was dark red at birth and has gradually faded to a light red. She is CKC registered and is 23″, and weighs 51 pounds. Rustie presents herself as a pretty girlie girl. She happily closes her eyes as I pet her and tell her she’s a pretty girl. She still likes her walks in the hills with everyone else. Rustie is sweet, calm, and our beauty queen. Rustie is certified  with OFA for hip, elbows and eyes.


Benji is the smartest dog! I taught him many commands in the first few days I had him.  He is AKC, CKC registered. He is 24″, and 53 pounds.  Benji is loyal. When all the girls are exploring on our walks, Benji is by my side.  He’s big, he’s red, he’s very agile, and tons of fun. Benji is certified with OFA hips, elbows, eyes.