My mama dogs are going to have a rest from breeding and so they wont have any more puppies for the year 2017.

I do have some tentative dates of my Spring, Summer 2018 litters if you would like to be on the waiting list for them.


Rustie and Benji have mated and the puppies should be here close to Memorial Day weekend. We are super excited and hopeful.
Wait List for Rustie
Candice, Female from ID
Barbara, Male from Minnesota
Shelby, Female from Utah
White family, Female from Driggs
Rose, Male from New Jersey
Sandra, Female, from CA
Singpraseath Family, Male
Millers, Female, from WY
Brown’s, Male,from WA
Viglietta’s, Male,from NY
Essig’s, Male, from UT

Elsie and Benji have mated and the puppies should be here the second week of July. She took her time but their on the way!

Wait list for Elsie
Jill & Jeff, Female from Anaheim CA
Krista Pruett, Male from Boulder, CO
Bland family, Female from Irvine, CA
Andi Waters, Male from Provo, UT
Emma Hardin, Male from Edmond, OK
Spink’s, Male from CO
Amy Freeman, Female from Houston, Tx
Nikki Toleman, Female from California

Cookie will have her babies in July if she is on a 6 month schedule and they can go to their new homes in Sept.
Sierra Bittinger, Female from Portland Oregon
Steve Mecham, Female from Pocetello, ID
Mackenzie Campbell, Male

Nicolas Laudico, Male CA

These are tentative and might change. I’ve had a mama dog go into heat that wasn’t in her scheduled heat time just because another mama dog is in heat.


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