Rustie and Benji are expecting their next litter to be born around Christmas time 2018.

Rustie’s wait list
Hines Family, Female from CA
Heidi Gera, Female from CA
Mally Dawn, Female from ID
Kennedy, male, from UT

Malmskog’s, female from CO

Elsie and Benji had their babies and all are adopted!

Wait list for Elsie
Jill & Jeff, Female from Anaheim CA
Krista Pruett, Male from Boulder, CO
Bland family, Female from Irvine, CA
Andi Waters, Male from Provo, UT
Emma Hardin, Male from Edmond, OK
Spink’s, Male from CO
Amy Freeman, Female from Houston, Tx
Nikki Toleman, Male from California
Hoken’s, Male from CO
Alyan Ali, Male from CA


Cookie had her little babies July 25th, 2018. There are 6 males and 3 females.They will be able to go to their new homes Sept. 19th, 2018. Go to “Available F1’s” to see photos!!

Cookies’s wait list
Sierra Bittinger, Female from Portland Oregon
Steve Mecham, Female from Pocetello, ID
Mackenzie Campbell, Male

Nicolas Laudico, Male from CA
Palmer’s, Male from IF
Uhler’s, Male from AZ
Collin’s, Male from IF
Audrey, Male from PA
Sheila, Female from NJ


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