Rustie and Benji are expecting their next litter to be born around Christmas time 2018.

Rustie’s wait list
Hines Family, Female from CA
Heidi Gera, Female from CA
Mally Dawn, Female from ID
Kennedy, Male, from UT

Malmskog’s, Female from CO
Eynon’s, Male from AZ
Hanson, Male from CO
Hasting’s, Male from CA
Hoffman’s, Male from MT

Baycoo’s, Female From ID

Shearer’s, Female from ID

Elsie and Benji will have their next litter around the middle of January 2019

Elsie’s wait list
Shearer’s, Male from ID

Kanig’s, Female from OR
Terri Cook, Female from ID
Kayda, Female from ID
Mckenzie, Female from FL
Person’s, Male from SD
Lauridsen’s, Male from AZ
Johnson’s, Male from AZ


Cookie and Benji will have their next litter around the end of January 2019

Cookies’s wait list
Laudico’s, Male from CA
Santana-Estrada, Female from ID
Allens , Female from ID

Brackett’s, Female from ND

Bradfield’s, Female from CA

Summer, Male from CA

Turpins, Male 

Johnsons, Male from AZ


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